Friends for life.Crufts 2007

Amigos para siempre reconoce y celebra la diferencia que hacen esos perros a las vidas de sus dueños, puede ser por su valentía, ayuda o compañía.

Mark Pollock, 30, and Larry
Blinded whilst playing rugby eight years ago, Mark has been enabled to pursue his passion for sport with assistance from Larry

Tony Higbed, 81, and Molly
Alone, and isolated by his deafness since both his wife and dog had died, Tony found new hope, love and communication in Molly, a rescue and a hearing dog, who has given him a renewed enjoyment of life.
Nye Thomas, 8, and Bud
Breaking both his arms in four places when he fell into a river, Nye was saved from drowning by Bud who came to his rescue and dragged him to safety.
Yvonne Wright, 14, and Emmi
Emmi acts as "another pair of eyes" for Yvonne's mother. Yvonne has Downs Syndrome and nearly suffocated one night - Emmi protected and cared for her.
Sarah Gearing, 29, and Murphy
Sarah was saved by Murphy, through his special bark one night, from a rapid onset of near fatal illness.

Helen Petley, 15, and Jaz
Helen's gone from shy and alone, with moderate learning difficulties and an almost constant epileptic state, to happy and open with Jaz who boosts her confidence.